2020-10-22 Virtual staging and virtual renovation services popularity extremely grows for last years

Nowadays all over the world it is ordinary practice for real estate professionals as well as for private persons to order 3d artists for improvement of property photos. Have you ever head the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words"? It is true when concerns real estate. 

Mostly regular clients for Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation are real estate professionals, they need effective photos to increase negotiation efficiently. The virtual staging/renovation photos are amazing tool for selling houses. It advances real estate photos with skills and imagination of 3d artist making them really tasty. The price of one photo equals to the good cup of coffee but may bring the seller great results in negotiations with potential buyers. It is proven, that such virtually staged or renovated property is sold 2-3 times faster without great discounts. 

The second category of clients are private persons, they as a rule look for ideas before starting real renovation of own house or room. This cheap and quick solutions provide cool visual references as basis. 

In both cases, Virtual Staging or Virtual Renovation are perfect solutions. As the result more and more real estate professionals and private persons book Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation.

What is difference between Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation?
The sense of each service is the same - to redesign interior of rooms using photos and preferences of client. The difference is in source photos. Virtual staging is service when 3d artist works with photos where the rooms are empty and clean. In case of Virtual renovation, the rooms at photos are furnished and have not new look. So, Virtual Renovation is more difficult process then staging cause the 3d artist should clear up all existing furniture firstly.

When ordering Virtual Staging or Renovation you have no borders or rules. Modern Virtual Staging Studios can replace or add any options such as paint colours, flooring, fixtures, appliances, furniture, countertops for the kitchen etc. The 3d artists will create virtual renovation pictures from your photos according to your style and preferences (e.g. contemporary, modern, Scandinavian interior styles etc.). All you need is just to make property photos, choose style or describe wishes and confirm order.

When choosing Virtual Staging Studio or 3d artist take in account our top advises.
1. First, you should check portfolio of done works. Done works should be beautiful and realistic.
2. Pay attention to the communication opportunities (how to book, approve, request corrections, provide payments) of supplier. Your personal comfort is important so the Studio must have website with client's interface for managing orders and tools for immediate communication (e.g. messengers or chat)
3. Check the are the free corrections possible. If corrections are free it means that you will get result without any extra payments.
4. Recommendations of friends and colleagues are perfect factor. If nobody can give recommendation you should check feedbacks and clients list at Virtual Staging Studio website.

If you have any questions or need any advice our Luxury Home Staging team will gladly provide more information on Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation services. We know all about it.

Do you have any questions about our virtual staging service? Just call us or fill the online form on our website. Sell the property faster with us!

Virtual renovation before and after living room Virtual renovation before and after stairs Virtual staging before and after living room

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