2020-10-22 6 most popular interior design styles for 2021

Contemporary, Modern, Scandinavian - the list may go on. Don't know what to choose but wish that your property look stylish and relevant?  Well, we are here to clear the confusion and tell about the most popular interior design styles for 2021. 

That interior design implies using clean and crisp lines and geometry. A simple colour palette, and metal, steel and glass materials characterize it. When you look at the modern design, you have a sense of simplicity in every element. So pure and clear is everything. There are any extra items in it, but every piece of furniture or textile is in place.   

Contemporary and modern are two styles that are used interchangeably. But Contemporary is different because it describes design based on the here and now. In simple words, Modern design has strict rules. Contemporary is more fluid and can combine elements from different styles. For example, it is nonsense to use curving lines in Modern interior, but it is normal for Contemporary one. 

Modern farmhouse
It is a unique and comfortable style that creates an aura that could make anyone feel at home. Cosy textile, traditional wooden pieces of furniture and pastel colour palette may look modern and stylish. First of all, modern farmhouse design is about function and comfort. All design elements, accessories, the lighting should be ease-of-use. But the word "modern" allow you to mix and match furniture as you like. Don't forget about simple lines and add some industrial accents as metal storage buckets or iron-inspired light fixtures. 

Classic European decor, sumptuous furnishings and an abundance of accessories these are the most popular markers which characterized Traditional style. As usual, the traditional interior is full of carved and lacquered dark wood furniture, rich colour palettes, and a variety of textures and curved lines. That interior style is bringing time-tested but fits a modern lifestyle perfectly. 

Do you miss the sea? Always dream of living on the coast? Fresh, relaxed and excitingly versatile Coast style will inspire you every day. That type of interior includes light, airy colour palettes with cool neutral shades paired with blues and greens. Natural light is abundant proportions is very important because it sets the tone for the whole property. Wood furniture, simple decor elements and soft textile are required attributes of any coastal interior.  

Simple, functional and efficient are three items on which the Scandinavian interior style is based. Organic materials, bare ornamentation and clean detailing characterize this interior style. The colour palette swims in black and white, with greys and blues or the occasional pop of colour bring visual respite. Scandinavian interiors are clear and even some empty, but functional for every metropolis citizen. 

Our company is ready to help you to create any interior style in your visual property and answer any of your questions. Just call us or fill the online form on our website.   

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