2021-07-12 More than virtual staging...

Just finished our latest 360 interior render/virtual tour project. So, what we can say about it - it is more than common virtual staging projects as we usually complete.

These projects was done from just a little drafts (you can see it in the picture right here). So, what steps we made to have this nice interior renders with virtual tours:
  1.  First of all, we must know all dimensions and sizes of your apartment/home. Do you have some floor plan - will be very helpful for us!
  2.  Next step it's all about finishes of our walls, furniture, trims, windows, materials. We coordinate all finishes, materials, lightnings, floors, etc. and again confirm it with customer.
  3.  When it done, we begin to create our interior with received specifications. So, as a result we have first renders of apartment. As we have more then one room, we must to do a lot of renders to make from it virtual tour. 
  4. Next step is to create amazing virtual tour in which you can walk through all rooms in apartments. That's it!
  5. After that - last step is to show our creation to customer. We send a Lapentor link with completed project (completed virtual tour). if customer like it - perfect, but in other case - you have some free edits!
See our completed projects with virtual tours here:
  1. Unit 301
  2. Unit 302
If you need interior renders or 360 renders or virtual tours - just let us know. You can write your info Here and we will answer you!
What the benefits of virtual tours:
  1. You may have only drafts of your apartments without any photos or dimensions.
  2. The completed pictures looks more better than common virtual staging, because of the high resolution of renders.
  3. You can see much more of your apartment/home, because you can rotate picture or walk through rooms inside home.
  4. The price is always negotiable. 

Do you have any questions about our 360° interior design/render service? Just call us or fill the online form on our website. Sell the property faster with us!

301 after

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