2020-10-28 How to shoot bedrooms

Trying to make a professional interior photo, but still, you are not satisfied with the result? The room is too small and tiny on a photo but is normal in real life. Don`t panic! We have prepared five expert tips for breathtaking bedroom photos.

#1 - Use natural light always
If you want to photograph the interior, turn all the lights off. It doesn't a joke.
Light bulbs cause terrible shadows and color casts. Remember that the camera doesn't see and interpreter the colors as we can, so the result seems to us ugly. The best daytime for making a photo is a sunny morning. Open the windows. Let the natural light come in the bedroom and start your photoset.

#2 - Use a tripod
A tripod is a must-have for everyone! If you are not a professional photographer, you will feel your hands shaking after half an hour. This will affect the quality of the photo. But with a tripod, your photo will always look like professional.

#3 - Stay inline
When you are doing a series of photos in one single interior, shoot them from the same height. It will help you to create a more balanced overview of the space. That`s a lot easier the client going through the photos. Hold your camera at chest height for making the harmonic photos.

#4 - Take a step back and take your photo from bedroom entry
It is the simplest trick you can use to give the impression of space in a bedroom. Standing in a bedroom entry, you can photo three walls at once and have a wide-angle shot of the room.

#5 - Create an atmosphere

Even if you don't plan to sell your property with furniture, use it for photos. First of all the bedroom must be with a bed inside. Make the bed, use white sheets and pillows. You may use a color blanket or paint to catch attention on these details. Use musical instruments (piano, guitar, etc.), a cozy armchair, a floor lamp and other details that will follow the room with a warm atmosphere. Remember, that you sell not only a house; the clients want to buy a home.

If you follow these advices You will get perfect result for sure. Anyway, if you will consider that some corrections should be done fill free to contact us for improvement of your shoots, such as a color correction, virtual staging or virtual renovation of bedroom photos.

Do you have any questions about our virtual staging service? Just call us or fill the online form on our website. Sell the property faster with us!

How to shoot bedrooms

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