2020-10-28 How to shoot a kitchen

It is a well-known fact that kitchens and bedrooms sell houses. As an owner of the property or a real estate agent, you wish to highlight these spaces in a positive light. So, we have chosen some important tips that will allow you to shoot the interior like an expert.

#1 Open windows
Remember, that no artificial light sources can replace the sun. If there is not enough natural light in the kitchen, you may enhance the effect with LED panels and reflectors. They will help you highlight important details, such as metal, wooden or textile elements of furniture.

#2 Create a dream

Kitchen is the place that turns a house into a home. So, you may help future customers to visualize their "sweet home" dream. Add a bowl of fruit to the island or a cutting board with sliced bread on the countertop. Fresh flowers also do wonders for giving the kitchen a little softness and color. But be careful, the main idea of these actions is to enhance how the kitchen looks to potential buyers - not to overwhelm them with distractions.

#3 Use full-frame camera and wide-angle lens
Choosing the best camera for real estate photography is key to your success. We advise you to pay attention to the full-frame cameras. However, if you do not have the opportunity to buy such a device, choose any camera with interchangeable lenses. The wide-angle lenses will allow you to cover the maximum space and visually enlarge the room.

#4 Find creative angles of shooting
Don`t be trivial and stop to photograph the interior of the kitchen from the corner. Try to find more interesting, unusual angles. For example, you can shoot a room from a doorway. Or you may pay attention to details.

#5 Use a tripod
It is obvious, but many real estate agents don`t use tripods. That cheap and common accessory will help you achieve good image sharpness and simplify the shooting process.

More useful information and expert advice you will find in our Blog and LHS Portfolio page, where exists a great number of examples how people shoot the kitchens and how our artists can advance the image.

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How to shoot a kitchen

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